How to Begin Your Home Remodel

Planning a new home remodeling project is an exciting time — after all, you’re customizing your home for your life while building value into your home. Where do you begin on this journey? We have a few recommendations to get you in the right direction and begin the process of your home remodeling.

Define your goals and objectives.

Know your end goal. Are you looking for better functionality, adding more space, and updating the aesthetics of your home? Keep a clear vision. Start by exploring your options throughout your house. Plan a consultation to talk to a professional designer and builder so you can make informed decisions before, during, and after your project remodel starts. Here at Bright Homes we have a professional designer that will work closely with you during the planning phase to ensure you get the look and feel you are wanting.

Know your budget.

Determine how much you can afford to spend. Your home remodeler can help with costs associated with your home remodel project, including materials, labor, permits, and design. It’s recommended to keep a buffer within your budget of 10-25% for any changes you want to make during the project or unanticipated cost, especially factoring in the age for your house.

Get Inspired

Look for inspiration! Search online, look in magazines, or visit showrooms. Create a Pinterest board of your favorite styles, features, colors, or functionality. Save an ideabook on Houzz of the completed rooms you like. There are numerous places to get inspiration, so you can start creating your list of necessities and a list of “nice to haves.” This will help your designer know how to help you as you go through the selection process.

Interview the Professionals

Results are everything. Interview and hire your designer and builder who have experience. Check on their references, read reviews, and ask additional questions if you have them. A trusted professional can help navigate the best materials and how to implement them while making sure your project meets all codes and regulations.

Finalize your Design Plans

Design plans go through iterations. Ensure that your design plans have been finalized before starting your home remodel project. At Bright Homes we have design-build services which collaborate with you to finalize your plans. Your design plans are reviewed and agreed upon by you and your builder before any work starts.

With thoughtful planning, you can have a less stressful, more enjoyable home remodeling project that meets all of your goals. We are experts at Bright Homes. Our work speaks for itself, take a look at our online reviews and exceptional homes we’ve built in the Salt Lake and Utah County area.

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