5 Reasons to Work with A Design Build Contractor

A conventional remodel project involves a contract for an architect, contract for engineer and contract with a builder. With design-build construction the processes function together and provide one contract for all the work.

This is a newer approach in the industry, but one that makes sense.

There is a collection of reasons why a design-build contractor works well for new construction or remodel projects. Check out just a few of the benefits of working with a Design Build Contractor.

1. Team work

In a design-build home project the team works together and develops a unified flow of work to be accomplished. If a project encounters challenges the design-build team works together to resolve design, budget or construction issues. Each part of the planning process is rooted in collaboration with you and your team.

2. Accountability

Planning your new construction or remodel project is the foundation of a successful build. The Design-Builder is responsible for spotting any inconsistencies between aesthetics and performance standards which allows greater attention to details and better results in the final delivery of your new home project.

3. Expertise

This collaborative model brings a wealth of knowledge in craftsmanship, estimating and beautiful custom design. A qualified Design-Builder can understand design decisions and how they impact the budget and construction. An experienced Design-Build Contractor can provide you referrals, testimonials, project photos and recommendations.

4. Communication

In the Design Build agreement you are an integral part of goal creation for your project. The Design Build team is highly adaptive and responsive on an ongoing basis throughout your project. Open and clear communication is crucial to delivery of a successful home project.

5. Efficiency

Your remodel project progresses as an integrated process, overlapping the two phases. This accelerates the traditional process as a single lead is responsible for meeting your contracted requirements.Your Design-Builder is responsible for delivering consistency in the design build agreement and aligning aesthetics, craftsmanship and performance standards.


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