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A custom home is just that, custom. As such, the price of each custom home varies greatly. Costs per square foot work well with Track Builders who are building the same home over and over again with minor revisions, but in the custom home world they are not very accurate. Certain decisions that you make may greatly drive up the cost of the project without even knowing it. Don’t worry, this is what we are here to help you with. We help you understand how much things cost in the Project Development phase so that you don’t end up designing a home that costs more than you want to spend.
Length of the project is mainly determined by the Scope of Work. That being said, a typical home will take 5-6 months to complete, and a remodel project can take anywhere from 1-6 months.
Yes! Our job sites are always open to you. You are welcome to visit the site at any time.
We take great care to help you understand fully when making all of your decisions in the Project Development Phase, so that you will be confident with what you have decided. But, should you change your mind during the course of construction, no problem. Our greatest desire is that you love every aspect of your new home. We will never try to talk you into something that you don’t want, or tell you it can’t be done. We will always find a way to make sure our clients are happy!
We have built a great team of Partners who work on our projects with us and we only use specialists. So, our cabinet builder only builds cabinets and our painter only paints. In doing this, we only recruit those who have truly mastered their specific craft and are artisans in our industry. This also allows us to maintain the highest level of quality while still getting projects done quickly and efficiently.
We do not require you to pay us for work we have not done. In our Fixed Price Construction Contract we will have a predetermined payment schedule. We will bill you at set milestones for work that we have completed as the project progresses.
Yes, we provide a complete turnkey solution. We can help you arrange financing for your project.
Yes, we provide fixed price estimates before we begin any work on your project. We have a unique process called Project Development that we work through to help determine what that Fixed Price is.
No, we only do Fixed Price contracts. As such you will know exactly what the project is going to cost before we ever begin, as well as exactly what is included in the fixed price. The only time the fixed price changes is if you decide to add to or take away from the Scope of Work that we developed in the Project Development Phase. Then a Change Order will be created with a Fixed Price for the change that you will approve before any work is made. There will never be any surprise costs.

We have been in business for over 20 years and in that time we have developed a unique process that can guarantee you an amazing experience. This process does not include giving out quotes when we do not know exactly what your project will entail. The truth is, for anyone to give you an accurate quote on your project they must have a very detailed set of plans, a scope of work that itemizes everything that will be done on the project, and specifications detailing what level of finishes you want in your project. 

Without any of these three things no one can tell you exactly what your project will end up costing. Most contractors don’t want to go to this level of detail in their estimates, so they will provide you a quote with a lot of what are called “allowances.” What an allowance basically says is “we are not sure what this is going to end up costing, so we are just going to plug in a number now, and when you decide what you really want to do, if it costs more than that number then you will be responsible for paying the difference.” This usually ends up with you being frustrated and upset when you find out that you thought your project was going to cost “x”, but to really get what you want it is going to cost much more. 

We don’t do allowances. Instead, we will help you make every decision you need to make beforehand so that when you start a project with us, there are no surprise costs, and no sleepless nights worrying about an ever expanding budget. 

To do this takes a lot of time and effort on our part so we do have a small fee that we charge for this very valuable service. But when you receive a quote from us, it will be a fixed price that does not change. 

Our primary aim is to ensure that in the end, you get your dream project. Most of our clients prefer a turn key experience where we take care of everything for them. That being said, we are also very adaptable and cater to your needs – if you would like to perform some of the work on your project we will help you to do that. 

A permit is required if you make any structural modifications,  if you move around electrical wires or if you move plumbing lines. A permit protects you to make sure that the work performed is up to building code requirements. It also provides potential future buyers of your home the peace of mind knowing that any of the modifications you made were done properly. We always pull permits when they are required.

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