Tips for Choosing a Custom Home Builder

Deciding who’s going to be the person to build your dream custom home is quite a big decision. It’s important to find the right builder that you feel confident about and know will build the home of your dreams on time, on budget, and with ease. There are many factors that come into play whenever you start doing your research and asking around for recommendations. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 4 things to think about when looking for your ideal custom home contractor; communication skills, history of success, vision and design capabilities, and budget. Read on to better understand why it’s important to find the right contractor to build your family’s dream home.

Communication Skills

We all know communication is key when it comes to relationships. We believe it is one of the most important aspects of finding a custom home builder to work with. After all, you’re trying to find someone to make your dream home a reality – It’s crucial to have someone that you can trust to listen to your needs, tell you when there’s any sort of problem, and bring your vision to life. We also believe that communication is a two way street. Working together on a project as big as a custom home only goes well when both parties are honest and up front.

History of Success

Anyone can call themselves a custom home builder, but it takes years of experience and successful projects to do the job right and within your budget. You want to work with an experienced builder who’s honed their craft over the years. This helps your project run more smoothly and efficiently and guarantees a high level of craftsmanship so your home will last for decades to come.

As you begin to narrow down your search for the best custom home builder, you’ll want to examine their past work to determine if the quality meets your expectations. Ask your contractors if you can see some of their past projects or talk to a referral.

Vision & Design Capabilities

The best custom home builders are also custom home designers. A design-build firm works with you from start to finish and knows your vision extremely well. You don’t want to work with someone who thinks they know what you want – you want a contractor that is going to take the time to understand every detail of your home and be honest about the costs associated with those details. A design-build firm like Bright Homes, can do just that. We value working to create something our clients will love for decades and a space that is perfect for them to share with the special people in their lives.


We know we’ve said it before, but building a custom home is a significant investment. You may have a lot of ideas, but not really sure how it all comes together financially – find a contractor that is willing to help you walk through it step by step and make sure your budget reflects the home you want. When you’re talking to different contractors, it’s important to understand that quality is definitely worth paying for, but you also want someone who is going to be respectful and honest about your budget. You deserve someone who’s going to spend your money wisely without cutting corners or delivering anything less than what you expected and agreed on.

Our team at Bright Homes knows the importance of finding the right team to build your dream home. When you choose the right home contractors for the job, you will find that it can be an extremely rewarding investment. That’s why we’re always honest and upfront with our clients about expectations, budget, and communication. We lay out our process, step-by-step, so you know exactly what to expect from the very beginning. Our history of high quality work in Salt Lake and Utah county speaks for itself. But don’t let us stop you from learning more – check out our portfolio of work for yourself and let us know if you’re ready to start talking about building your dream home.

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