Top Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Get inspired with these kitchen remodeling ideas.

Remodeling a kitchen can be an exciting time. It’s the perfect opportunity to transform your space into something that truly suits your style and meets your needs. Let’s explore kitchen design ideas for your planning: from lighting and  cabinetry to countertops. 


Upgrading the cabinetry can significantly affect the kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Options range from refinishing existing cabinets to an array of new custom cabinets and design styles. Wooden cabinets with raised panel doors, frameless cabinets with clean lines, or open shelving—the options are limitless. 

A Kitchen Island:

Create versatility by adding a workspace for meal preparation and expanded storage opportunities. An island can also double as a casual dining area or social gathering spot. 


From hardwood to stone and vinyl to ceramic tiles, there are countless flooring options with purpose, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The flooring should match the overall design theme of your kitchen and have an allotted budget in your overall plans.


Countertops serve an essential function and provide the perfect opportunity to embellish your kitchen design. Granite, marble, and quartz are popular and stylish materials for kitchen countertops. It’s important to consider the color and pattern of the material you choose carefully, as it can significantly impact the kitchen’s overall aesthetic.


Proper lighting is essential in a kitchen. Consider installing under-cabinet lighting for task areas and pendant lights for a touch of elegance. Good lighting is not only critical for mood and ambiance but is also essential for functionality in a kitchen.


Modern appliances provide updated features and better energy efficiency. They contribute significantly to the kitchen’s overall design. 

Remember, a kitchen renovation should reflect your style and meet your cooking needs, ensuring it’s beautiful and practical. We have designers on staff who help personalize your kitchen and work collaboratively with our construction team. Browse our portfolio to see the beautiful kitchens we’ve designed and built. 

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