How to Start Your Bathroom Remodel

Every great bathroom remodel project starts with a plan. Before the physical aspects of the project are started, it’s beneficial to have a firm idea of what you want in your new bathroom and how you want it to look. Start by identifying the building blocks of your new bathroom space.

Space Planning

Fully utilizing your space is essential. Getting the right balance between the space available and how you will function in the space begins the design process. Plan an efficient layout by identifying where the existing plumbing and ventilation was done and how to leverage those locations.


Go on a quest for design inspiration. You don’t have to strictly adhere to one particular style. Pick and choose elements that are important and styles that you love. Pinterest and Houzz are great places to gather and save your initial inspiration.


• Vanity style can make a big statement and hold style and functionally for the space. Options to consider may be double sinks, large mirrors, storage space, or floating vanity which can visually open a space.

•  Shower and/or tub placement is important in planning. Are you placing a free standing tub or walk-in shower? Do you prefer frosted glass doors to transparent doors? Circular showerheads vs. rainfall? The possibilities are infinite.

• Tile for your bathroom is a matter of personal preference. The primary elements to consider are suitability for humid environments, level of care and upkeep for the tile material, and safety when tiles are slippery.

•  Towel Bars and Rings can be a major remodel “oops” when not planned for in a bathroom layout. Consider all the fine details like sink styles, storage space opportunities, and shelving.


Nothing is worse than poor or bad lighting in your bathroom. The brighter your bathroom, the larger it looks. Consider adding windows and/or skylights. Warm light will always complement any bathroom over fluorescents. Lighting will showcase your bathroom investment beautifully. Take the time to find what works best.


Bathroom flooring will be another important decision you make. With many material options, the more common choices are vinyl, linoleum, bamboo, wood, or laminate flooring. However, before deciding, will you plan to install a radiant-heat subfloor? If so, material choices change to what is conducive to heat. Ceramic tile is extremely durable, waterproof, and stain resistant (and can be slip-resistant), but cold under foot without a radiant floor.

Consult with Experts

Bright Homes knows how to build and help you customize your best bathroom remodel. Whether your bathroom is big or small, with careful planning your new bathroom remodel can increase the value of your home and make it an enjoyable space. By assessing your budget and goals, we can help you with design and build solutions while avoiding costly mistakes in your bathroom remodel.

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